TGO Certifies BTS Group “Carbon Neutral”, the world’s first for a Rail Company.


Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organisation (TGO), the autonomous Government entity with responsibility for reducing greenhouse gas in Thailand, has certified BTS Group Holdings PCL (BTS Group) as carbon neutral, making it the first carbon neutral rail transportation company in the world.

The collaboration between BTS Group and TGO is a joint effort to raise awareness and fight against climate change. This achievement was also as a result of BTS Group’s sustainable business direction to reduce emissions that come predominantly from its electricity consumption. At the same time, this will help Thailand to achieve its nationally determined contributions to reduce greenhouse gases in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement as well as its long term target of carbon neutrality by 2050.

Mr. Kiatchai Maitriwong, Executive Director of TGO elaborated “As the key agency for driving greenhouse gas mitigation in Thailand towards sustainable low-carbon economy and society, TGO welcomes the strong corporate commitments of companies like BTS Group. TGO, encourages collaboration with all market participants, in order to tackle climate problems and look forward to seeing the participation of all sectors to push Thailand to reach the target of reducing greenhouse gases as set”.

BTS Group, under its 3M Strategy, provides door-to-door transportation services, and is a leading provider of rail transportation services in Thailand. Through providing electrified rail transportation services, which emit zero carbon emissions, it gives consumers the option to shift their travel mode away from other carbon emitting forms of transport, also helping reduce congestion and improving air quality in Bangkok.

Mr. Kavin Kanjanapas, CEO of BTS Group added “Environmental responsibility is just one of the sustainable business practices that we prioritise at BTS Group, a company that is steered to solving urban issues. This year, we marked a notable step by implementing the voluntary carbon offsetting schemes under TGO by joining a carbon credit programme with Mitr Phol Bio-Power project. As a result, we take a great honour in becoming the first rail transportation company to be certified as carbon neutral by the TGO. Even though our core rail business has helped improve air quality and reduce traffic in Bangkok for decades now, we want our carbon neutrality to serve as a signal for others to follow.”