BTS unveils new “Smart Modern Look” uniforms made with climate change fighting fabric


Mr Surapong Laoha-Unya, Chief Administrative Officer of Bangkok Mass Transit System Plc. (BTS), stated that the BTS Skytrain has operated for 23 years now with a continued commitment to better transport, convenience and safety for its passengers. The company has now updated its uniforms under the concept “Smart Modern Look” after having used its previous uniforms for the past 16 years, from 2006-2022. The new chapter in the history of BTS began in August.

The new uniforms were specially designed using fibers that both absorb perspiration and ventilate heat as well as reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. The “CoolMode” fabric is produced by the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO) and was created in collaboration with the Thailand Textile Institute and textile producer groups in support of the effort against climate change. Special features of the fabric include:

  1. Reduction of energy consumption by air conditioners by allowing wearers to comfortably inhabit rooms set at 25 degrees Celsius. Improved ventilation also reduces each wearer’s body temperature while they work.
  2. Easily washable, allowing for reduced water usage. Reducing chemical involvement and increasing wearer safety is the fabric’s “Nano-sync innovation”, which is internationally certified by the Food and Drug Administration for user confidence and 100% environmental-friendliness.

Mr. Surapong elaborated that, to make the company’s new uniforms using CoolMode fabric, BTS partnered with Thanulux Plc., which designed the uniforms to accommodate four types of operation; 1. Office personnel 2. Station personnel 3. Conductors and 4. Maintenance personnel.

Finer details of the design, including the BTS insignia, were inspired by the train system’s structures and routes and symbolize the organization’s interconnectedness while making the uniforms identifiable and a mark of pride. The uniforms further signal the BTS’s mass transportation excellence and emphasis on service, safety, speed and responsiveness to modern lifestyles. Classic Blue was chosen for the dominant tone of the uniforms to express elegance, trustworthiness and to complement the modern demeanor of personnel while accommodating their operations. The color also reflects the calm, resolution and loyalty the company maintains for all its passengers.

An activity was also staged for company staff to showcase their abilities. “BTS Super Cool Contest” chose 10 staff to represent each department in unveiling the new uniforms, with presenters selected by a panel of distinguished judges.

The new BTS uniforms are a reflection of the company’s dedication to development as well as its commitment to reducing GHG emissions and be a leader in combatting climate change.