BTSG to organize the ‘14th Vegetarian Food Festival with Nuduan’ for Health and Prosperity


Monday 26 September 2022: Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), BTS Group Holdings Public Company Limited (BTSG), SAHAPAT CO., LTD, MBK Center, and Siam Piwat organize the ‘14th Vegetarian Food Festival with Nuduan for Health and Prosperity’ from 26-28 September 2022, starting from 10.30 a.m. onwards at the walkway of BTS National Stadium Station. This event invites the general public to make merit by refraining from consuming meat and conducting oneself in morality. Mr. Sitthiporn Somkidsan, Director of the Office of Transportation Systems, Bangkok Traffic and Transport Office, Dr. Anat Arbhabhirama, Director Mr. Surapong Laoha-Unya, Executive Director BTS Group Holdings Public Company Limited, Mr Kiet Srichomkwan, Independent Director, VGI Public Company Limited, along with with partners, Mr. Phiphob Chokvathana, director of Saha Pathana Inter-Holding Public Company Limited, Mr. Somphol Tripopnart, Managing Director :Shopping Center Business at Mbk PCL, and M.L. Oradit Sanitwong, Executive Vice President, Corporate Relations,Corporate PR and CSR, Siam Piwat Co., Ltd. officially opened the event.

Mr. Surapong Laoha-Unya, Executive Director BTS Group Holdings Public Company Limited said, the “Vegetarian Food Festival with Nuduan’, an event hosted by BTS Group, is back again for the 14th time, after the break last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This year, the even still offers free vegetarian food service to the public, with additional special activities aimed to educate the public about choosing vegetarian food according to astrological signs in order to raise awareness about vegetarianism, in terms of its benefits. In addition to making merit and enhancing good health, it also adds to the prosperity of life.

The BTS Group thanks its partners, such as Saha Group, MBK Center, and Siam Piwat for cooperating with this event and look forward to working together to organize such events in the following years.” This year’s vegetarian menu that is distributed to the public features many dishes, such as fried noodles to symbolize longevity, stir-fried tofu with ginger, noodles in gravy with mixed vegetables, vegetarian yakisoba, mixed vegetable kaeng som, stir-fried eggplant with soybean paste, vegetarian Pad Thai, stir-fried Hainanese celery, Arhat Fried Rice, Stir-Fried Ngow Kuay, vegetarian chili paste, etc. The event also features vegetarian dishes from the famous Chinese restaurant “Chef Man”. The aforementioned dishes are served to the public throughout the event period free of charge.

In addition, BTS Group still takes safety precautions according to the Covid-19 pandemic prevention measures and has adjusted the format of the event accordingly, by organizing healthy vegetarian food in takeaway boxes made of environmentally friendly materials to be handed out to the public. The event also offers sanitizing alcohol points at the entrance-exit areas and asks for cooperation from participants to wear masks and maintain social distance during the 3 days of the event.

Mr. Phiphob Chokvathana, director of Saha Pathana Inter-Holding Public Company Limited, on behalf of Saha Group, co-hosts and sponsors the ‘14th Vegetarian Food Festival with Nuduan for Health and Prosperity’ by providing ready-to-eat vegetarian food products from Saha Group, such as vegetarian flavored Mama instant noodles, vegetarian Farmhouse bread, Corn Soy vegetarian soy milk mixed with corn, Bud’s Vida Bella 100% vegan ice cream, Kingbridge Drinking Water, and grilled Japanese sweet potatoes and apple juice from DON DON DONKI. These food items are healthy and nutritious, especially during the vegetarian festival whereby many refrain from consuming meat. More than 3,000 sets of food products are distributed free of charge to public per day.

Mr. Somphol Tripopnart, Managing Director: Shopping Center Business at Mbk PCL, said that the MBK Center shopping center joins in this positive culture of the Thai-Chinese population by co-organizing the ‘Vegetarian Food Festival with Nuduan’ with BTS Group continually. This time, MBK Center has contributed delicious, freshly cooked vegetarian dishes full of nutrients from leading restaurants in the Food Legends by MBK food court, from vendors such as ‘Pad Thai Champ Maeklong’ and ‘Rabiang Boon’ to be distributed to the public in hopes of creating smiles and happiness, as well as making merit. Dishes featured include vegetarian noodles, stir-fried vegetarian instant noodles, vegetarian Pad Thai, vegetarian fried rice, vegetarian fried radish cake, vegetarian rice and soup, etc. 700 sets of these dishes are distributed per day. Furthermore, Pathumwan Princess Hotel, a hotel within the Mbk Group, has also contributed 100 sets of food per day, featuring vegetarian fried noodles, green curry with tofu, holy basil fried rice with tofu, etc.

M.L. Oradit Sanitwong, Executive Vice President, Corporate Relations, Corporate PR and CSR, Siam Piwat Co., Ltd. said, “The Vegetarian Festival is a long-standing tradition of the Chinese people and has a history of more than 400 years. It is a time for everyone to make merit together and promote good health. Siam Piwat is pleased to support and continue the tradition of vegetarianism with BTS Group in organizing the ‘Vegetarian Food Festival with Nuduan’ event continuously by contributing delicious vegetarian food from famous restaurants in One Siam, such as vegetarian fried noodles, vegetarian fried rice, etc., to be distributed to the public so that participants can be full of merit, as well as full of delicious food, satisfied and healthy. We invite everyone to comes together to think good thoughts, do good deeds, and promote good traditions as well.”

For more information, please contact the BTS CALL CENTER at Tel. 0 2617 6000 or follow Line @BTSSKYTRAIN or the BTS SkyTrain official Facebook Page.